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Discover a breakdown of our Managed IT Service Package offerings to help you make the right choice for your business

IT Support Helpdesk

IT Support Helpdesk

Our IT Support Helpdesk is open 24/7 to support all of your business IT needs. From printing to slow machines to adding a new staff member to your systems, our 5 star rated IT Support Helpdesk team is here for you.

Our new Lite package offers ad hoc support enabling us to offer a lower monthly package price. All helpdesk tickets are charged at an additional £60 each should you need to use us for IT Support.

Alternatively, enjoy unlimited all-inclusive support on our Managed, Secure and Certified Secure packages.

Office 365

Office 365

All of our packages come with full business Office 365 licencing. This gives you full desktop applications of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS OneDrive, MS Teams, MS OneNote, MS Access, MS Outlook (with a 50GB Mailbox) and a shared company SharePoint storage of 1TB.

Each licence allows installation on up to 5 devices, so installation on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device all for the same user is fully supported.

We ensure all of your Office 365 accounts are set up with MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) to keep your business data secure.

On top of all this, we back up your Office 365 data to a secure UK datacentre, ensuring your data is always recoverable.

Office 365 Extended Features

Office 365 Extended Features

Subscribe to our Managed, Secure or Certified Secure package to receive the following additional features:

Mailbox Archive

All Office 365 accounts come with a 50GB mailbox, but if you are a heavy email user you may eventually require a bit more room. Instead of having to delete email to make space, you can now use our live archiving service giving you a huge 1.5TB additional email storage. This archive is fully visible from within MS Outlook so you can easily access all of your archived email.

MS Data Protection

We enable advanced data loss prevention rules on your setup to ensure your business data remains secure. We also extend the security of your logins and add additional restrictions, such as by region or country, aiding in the prevention of Cyber Attacks.

Device Encryption

All compatible devices have data encryption enable, giving you peace of mind your data is secure. Especially for remote staff using company devices.

Auto Device Setup

Need a new device fast? No more lengthy installs to get your company setup on a device. With this feature a device straight out of the box will install all company software and be ready to go within minutes.

Secure and Certified Secure packages also include:

Email Signature Management

Set a global email signature for your whole company, or break down separate signatures by department. Signatures are applied in the cloud, which means all devices (even mobile) will enjoy a full signature, maintaining a professional and consistent appearance across all email messages.

Device Support

Device Support & Management

All of your Devices, be it Desktop or Laptop, Windows or Mac, receive the following benefits when looked after by Bitwise-IT:

Software Updates

We take care of updating your devices so you don't have to, keeping you on the latest software versions and ensuring you are up to date and secure.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your devices on a 24/7 basis to catch and address problems before they happen, helping your business to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Remote Working

Reach your office devices from anywhere and with any device, with our remote working service, protected by MFA.

AI AntiVirus

Best-in-class AntiVirus, powered by Artificial Intelligence, protecting your business devices from today's cyber threats.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Strong Cyber Security is critical in today's world. That's why our Secure and Certified Secure packages benefit from the following features:


Endpoint Detection and Response plus Extended Detection and Response tools provide our response teams the data they need to track and eliminate all threats on your business systems.

Ransomware Rollback

This advanced feature allows Windows devices to rollback any changes from Ransomware in the unlikely event it should break through our cyber defences and infect your systems.

24/7 Threat Response Team

Your devices protected by our cyber response team. Working around the clock with one of the fastest response times worldwide (30 minute average), your systems are in great hands with our security experts.

Vulnerability Scanning

A step above our standard software updates, we ensure your devices are continuously checked for all known vulnerabilities, and updated to protect against them.

Advanced Email Protection

Advanced filtering against Spam and Phishing attacks, along with an emergency mailbox enabling you to send and receive email even if Microsoft have an outage. This service also includes a secure send feature which allows you to securely send confidential and sensitive information across email.

Password Manager

Our ultra-secure cloud-based password manager protects all of your account data and empowers you to create strong and unique passwords across all of your accounts. With our dark-web account monitor add-on, you'll be alerted if any of your accounts are breached, allowing you to respond quickly and change logon details before damage can be done.

Hacker Protection

Our experienced white-hat hacker protection team is on hand 24/7, watching all company devices to ensure no malicious activity finds its way in. This addition to our cyber security service catches threats before they even emerge as a threat. We like to make sure you are truly covered!

Cloud Account Protection

With most login and identification processes now running in the cloud, we have layered this protection on to your Microsoft accounts to ensure no suspicious logins sneak through the net. Your office 365 logins are closely monitored and scrutinised and if necessary blocked to protect your business.

Monthly Training Content

All staff are provided with monthly Cyber Security training, providing them skills on how to spot the latest phishing methods and other threats. Managers are kept apprised of their team's progress to ensure everyone stays on top of this essential training to keep the business protected. Optional phish testing and compliance training are also available at no extra cost.

Web Monitor

Our website monitoring service provides reporting on web activity from your staff devices. Filter out unwanted sites or categories, such as gambling sites and prevent staff from reaching them. This service also protects laptop devices against fake WIFI hotspots and web-based threats posed by them.

Device Backup

All files on your device backed up with a 500GB quota per device (250GB for additional devices). The great news is that this storage is pooled, so if you have 10 staff on your package you get 5,000GB of backup storage shared across your 10 devices. This extra backup service serves to protect non-Microsoft applications and data you may have, which wouldn't natively be backed up by the Microsoft service.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

Select our Certified Secure package to get certified in both Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber Essentials is the only UK government recognised cyber security qualification and shows your clients, partners and stakeholders that you are serious about protecting their data and are worth doing business with.

With your cooperation we guarantee you will obtain both certifications, providing your business is willing to enforce any necessary security changes to reach the level of the certification.

Our Certified Secure package includes an initial (setup/onboarding) fee which will be used to make the initial adjustments and certify you, plus the additional monthly costs to keep you at the correct standard to re-certify you every year. No hidden surprises!


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